• Summer will give trouble for heart patient: Doctors
  • Fake Indian currency found in waste bin: Chennai Airport.
  • Teenager raped: Boyfriend suspected? Chennai.
  • villagers crowdfund Rs 1cr bridge.
  • Transgender may soon be able to choose gender.
  • 58% salary hike for army who fight Naxalites.
  • Anna Hazare village on Tourist circuit.
  • Global cheap beer index: Delhi ranks 5th.

Major Headlines

  • 01 Jul 1200 Prisoners escaped in Yemen

    1200 Prisoners escaped in Yemen

    Terrorist from Al-Qaeda created a sudden action raid in the Thais Prison situated in the central city of Yemen. They dismantled the prison which made prisoners to escape. More than 1200 Prisoners were escaped from this incident.

  • 01 Jul Bomb blast in Egypt

    Bomb blast in Egypt

    Consecutive bomb blasts happened in the northern Sinai region of Egypt. Bomb blast happened in Police station as well as many other places in Sinai. 11 soldiers were killed in the blast. Full extent of damage and complete detail about the blast will be available soon said the Egyptian government.

  • 01 Jul Will Mandatory helmets save lives?

    Will Mandatory helmets save lives?

    The freedom of the open road reminds motorcyclists with the spirit of joy. Two wheelers are increasing as the number of riders wearing helmets decreases. Riders life will be in danger if they aren’t wearing helmet. Government has taken necessary action to eradicate accidents on road. From today helmets are made compulsory for all those …

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