• 3 year old declared death after dental procedure.
  • 2nd day of investigation: Maran questioned for 7 hours.
  • Goods and service tax opposed: Gujarat Government.
  • 150 killed in Boko Haram attack: Nigeria.
  • 1400 fake degree teachers quit.
  • Raju, Rijiju apologizes but Maha CM threatens for blame in delay in flight.

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  • 03 Jul Power cables falls over school bus, 12 injured

    Power cables falls over school bus, 12 injured

    12 school children along with a pregnant lady were injured when a high power cable falls over a school bus at Baseri near Dholpur. The bus caught fire when the cable fell over the bus top and reached the wheel. 3 students were seriously injured and treated at Agra hospital and others were treated at …

  • 03 Jul Maggi to resume export

    Maggi to resume export

    Nestle maggi instant noodles to resume its export work to other countries after Bombay high court clarified the export. Maggi is banned in India after FSSAI found that it contains lead and monosodium glutamate in high amount. But Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA), British food standard agency (FSA), Singapore Regulatory had declared that Maggie is …

  • 03 Jul Stalin Uncle didn’t slap me: says metro youth.

    Stalin Uncle didn’t slap me: says metro youth.

        After Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalitha said that a minster and DMK treasure shouldn’t behave like that in public, Karthik was on news channels the whole day were he said that He did wave his hand while he was asking me to move because I had unintentionally stepped on the feet of …

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