• Violence against Sikhs: Manmohan Singh immune as PM, not as FM, rules US court
  • Former Haryana MP Avtar Singh Bhadana to join INLD today
  • Indo-Sri Lankan fishing settlement consultation in Delhi: Prime Minister's Office organized.
  • For 14 years, who has been on hunger strike, social activist Irom Sharmila court acquitted.
  • The post of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Parliament deploying army.
  • The 21 persons were injured in the ongoing violence in Assam border: Army deployed to control the subsidiary.

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  • 20 Aug 2g spectrum case : Court Decides Today

    2g spectrum case : Court Decides Today

    Former Telecom Minister A Raja and parliamentarian Kanimozhi could be arrested this afternoon if their request for bail is rejected in a Delhi court. They are both attending the hearing. Both leaders are from the Tamil Nadu regional party, the DMK, and have been accused of money-laundering a bribe of nearly 200 crores in the …

  • 20 Aug Hiroshima landslide 8 dead, 13 missing

    Hiroshima landslide 8 dead, 13 missing

    8 people died and 13 were missing after rain-sodden hills in the outskirts of Hiroshima on Wednesday . Rescue workers suspended by ropes from police helicopters were pulling victims from the rubble as they searched homes .The possible further landslides and flooding due to unstable weather conditions authorities issued warnings.Landslides are a constant risk in …

  • 20 Aug US looks forward to welcoming Modi

    US looks forward to welcoming Modi

    The US forward to welcoming Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi despite an online petition seeking cancellation of his visit. Harf said the President, the Secretary (of State John Kerry) look forward to welcoming Prime Minister Modi to the United States. We have said that consistently since his election, and that remains the case.”In response to …

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